Mount Vape Woody Tobacco Caramel Vanilla 10ml/30ml Flavorshot

Tobacco flavor enriched with caramel and vanilla notes. It’s special characteristic is the woody and at the same time sweet aftertaste. This woody tobacco taste will awaken all your senses.

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Mount Vape Woody Tobacco Caramel Vanilla 10ml/30ml Flavorshot

The Mount Vape lineup was born from top flavors, selected from many recipes and efforts of producers, who specialize in e-liquids for e-cigarettes. A series that was created under passion, vision, and a bold spirit but also with exceptional quality ingredients.

Our target was to develop amazing aromas that remind us of our favorite flavors. We have a passion to discover wonderful flavors from around the world and combinations in unique and amazing ways. We make our flavors available to vapers, only when they match our extremely high standards.

Premium quality

Recipes with excellent quality ingredients that give the ultimate taste pleasure to every vaper, beginners and experienced.

Creative work

We work with passion and vision for the world vaper community in order to create flavors with high standards.


We develop innovative flavor combinations that classify our flavors in the top class of e-liquids.

Mount Vape

Woody Tobacco Caramel Vanilla by Mount Vape

Tobacco flavor enriched with notes of caramel and vanilla. Its special feature is the woody and sweet aftertaste. This unique taste of tobacco will awaken all your senses.

  • Woody Tobacco
  • Caramel
  • Vanilla

Woody Tobacco

Woody Tobacco Caramel Vanilla

Recommended ripening time: 1-10 days



Wick Liquor 30ml Flavourshots



Wick Liquor 30ml Flavourshots


Mount Vape

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