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Hydra Vapor | Taste the Greek Spirit

Discover the insurmountable taste and quality of the new HYDRA VAPOR series, which will take you on a journey into the world of complex and impressive perfume recipes.

The HYDRA VAPOR line of liquids is a selection of complex recipes based on quality aromas and as a result flavors that stand out for their complexity and the imprint of all their basic ingredients.

In 2014, an idea evolved into a business whose ultimate goal is the liquids that will be developed to satisfy all the needs of both beginners and especially experienced vapers and leave no taste desire unfulfilled. Among a group of friends looking for complex recipes and liquids, the idea for special recipes that would be out of the ordinary was born. This idea combined with a passion for making quality liquids was put into action.

Through long-term experimentation, the selected premium Flavorshots were created: Echidna, Chimera, Lernea, Kerberos, Orgasmus.

New liquids were created with an "in-house" philosophy and aim to meet the needs for something truly special and special, both for new vapers and even for the most experienced.

The HYDRA VAPOR flavorshot series is the creation of a Greek producer active in Germany and the presence of the fragrances in Greece was one of the main goals set after their successful course in the German market. The series consists of complex recipes with surprising and complex flavors combinations that come to captivate you.