Welcome to the website of our company. Our website www.k110.eu is an online commercial store importing and distributing vaping products (hereinafter referred to as the online store or website) created by "K110 IKE" , distinctive title “Vapour Smok- e », based in Volos, K.Kartali 110, PC 38221, with VAT number 800895536 Tax Department VOLOS, tel. 2421030138, Registration Number (GEMI) 144371844000 (hereinafter for the sake of brevity the Company).

Please read the following information carefully, which are internationally recognized terms and conditions for accessing and using our website.

Every user who enters and uses the services of our online store www.k110.eu is considered to consent and unconditionally accepts all the terms expressed on this website, without exception. If you do not accept these terms, you are not allowed to use this website and make any transaction with this online store. Sending your order means acceptance of all terms.


Every visitor or user of our website must read and study carefully the following terms of use, before visiting or using the webpage and in case of disagreement must not use it. Otherwise it is presumed that he accepts them explicitly and unconditionally and gives his/her consent. The following terms of use apply to all content on our website. K110 may at any time modify the terms and conditions of use, and users / visitors must always check for possible changes and if they continue to use it is presumed that they explicitly and unconditionally accept the modified terms and conditions. Otherwise they must abstain from visiting our Website. K110 makes every effort to ensure that the content and information which appears each time on its website is as accurate and true as possible. Anything that is provided in the form of advertising to users / visitors through our website is in no way, directly or indirectly, an encouragement, advice or prompt to perform any action but it is at the discretion of users / visitors to evaluate what they provided and to act based on their private will, excluding any of our responsibility.

The user / visitor who uses the services of our website is obliged to do it in accordance with the law, good manners and these terms and not to perform acts or omissions that may cause harm to third parties, the operation of the website or to copyrights of third parties.

Limitation of Liability

The Company in the context of its transactions from the online store is not responsible and is not obliged to compensate for any damage or loss arising from the cancellation of orders, non-execution or delay in their execution, for any reason. It does not guarantee the availability of the products displayed in the online store, but informs based on the observed data about the availability or not of the interested customer and undertakes in case of change of these data, to inform the customers in time about the unavailability in which case bears no further responsibility. The online store provides the content (for example: information, names, photos, illustrations), products and services available through the website "exactly as they are". In no case is the Company liable civilly or criminally for any damage (positive, special or negative, which indicatively and not restrictively, divisively and / or cumulatively consists in loss of profits, data, lost profits, monetary satisfaction, etc.) that may a visitor to the online store or a third party for reasons related to the operation or not and / or use of the website and / or inability to provide services and / or products and / or information permitted third party interventions in products and / or services and / or information available through it.

The company is not responsible for illegal use of a credit card by a non- owner, as long as its loss has not been reported to the bank as it is the responsibility of the Customer to keep his/her credit card.

The Company and its partners make every effort to ensure the proper operation of its website, without guaranteeing that the operations of its or its servers will be uninterrupted or without any kind of error, free of viruses or other similar elements.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

Except for the expressly stated exceptions (copyrights of third parties, affiliates and operators, as well as the copyright of the software owned by the company that built the website) all content of the website, including images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts and in general all the archives of this website, constitute intellectual property, registered trademarks and service marks and products of the Company and are protected according to the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions. Therefore, all of the above is provided to you for personal, non-commercial use only, provided that you keep all copyright and other copyright notices contained in the original material, in all copies of this material and may not modify the material of the website in any way or reproduction or public display, or execution or "loading" or distribution or any use thereof, for commercial or other purposes. Exception is the case of the individual storage of a single copy of part of the content on a simple personal computer for personal and not public or commercial use without deleting the indication of its origin from this website and without being affected in any way the relevant intellectual and industrial property rights.

User Responsibility

The user/customer agrees and undertakes to use the services, information, and data of the online store as provided by law and based on the rules of good faith and business ethics. Obliged not to use the online store k110.eu. for :

  1. sending, publishing, sending by e-mail or otherwise transmitting any content that is illegal for any reason, causes unlawful insult and damage to the COMPANY or any third party or violates the confidentiality or confidentiality of any person
  2. sending, publishing, sending by e-mail or transmitting in other ways any content that offends users' morals, social values, minority, etc.
  3. sending, publishing, e-mailing or otherwise transmitting any content for which users do not have the right to transmit in accordance with the law or applicable contracts (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information obtained or disclosed as part of an employment relationship or covered by confidentiality agreements),
  4. sending, publishing, e-mailing or otherwise transmitting any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary right of any third party,
  5. sending, publishing, e-mailing or otherwise transmitting any material containing software viruses or any other code, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destroy or equip the operation any computer software or hardware,
  6. intentional or unintentional breach of applicable law or regulations,
  7. harassment of third parties in any way,
  8. collect or store personal data about other users.


Evaluation - Product commentary

The Company enables users/customers to evaluate products displayed on the website. In order to be able to rate a product, users must be registered on the site. Ratings for each product can summarize the user experience with that product and any comments or rating reviews about the product. The content of the evaluation must be personal, original creation of each user, without violating copyright or other rights of third parties. The Company reserves the right to withdraw and delete content which is proven to belong to third parties and which has been published in any electronic or printed medium. Users are responsible for the authenticity of their texts. The site administrators also reserve the right, at their discretion, to choose how the product reviews appear (in part or in full), or to delete the reviews, or to delete part of the text, informing the author of any changes. where necessary, or contact their authors to inform them that a change of text is required for its publication, highlighting the parts in question.

Secure Transactions

For purchases with your credit / debit card you will be automatically transferred to the secure environment of the bank where you will enter your card details for the safe completion of the transaction. Your credit / debit card details do not reach the Company or the website in any way and consequently no database of credit / debit card details is maintained.

 All transactions you make through the website are governed by International and European law, which regulates issues related to e-commerce as well as the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994), which regulates issues related to sales by distance.


When using this website, you may be asked to provide personal information that is necessary to complete your orders. The Company takes all reasonable measures to secure Personal Data, which are subject to Greek legislation (L.2472 / 97), a binding provision or contract, which defends principles for fair handling and an adequate degree of protection of Personal Data. The Company undertakes that all Personal Data contained on its website will not be used improperly, will not be sold or in any way disclosed to third parties. In particular, under the current legislation, the company has the right in the context of its activity to maintain a customer file, which may not process or notify any third party, except the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities after at their legal request and in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

Your Personal Data is kept absolutely safe by the company for as long as you are registered in the services and is deleted immediately when you decide to terminate any transaction with the Company and request deletion of the personal account, contacting us or by email at info @ k110.eu, or by phone at +302421030138.

The user reserves the rights of articles 11 (right of information), 12 (right of access) and 13 (right of objection) of law 2472/1997, which he can exercise by going to the field: My account> Your personal information. Alternatively you can contact us by email or phone.

The Company reserves the right to provide statistics to its suppliers without reporting personal data. Young people under the age of 18 are not allowed to use this website, and not to use the services and products it offers.

If you use this website you accept and consent to this Privacy Statement as well as to the terms and conditions of use of the website announced through it.

Links to other sites

Our website contains links, hyperlinks or advertising banners to third party websites, the availability, content, privacy policy, quality and completeness of their services, our Company does not control and is not responsible. Therefore, for any problem that occurs during their visit / use, you must refer directly to the respective websites and pages, which are fully responsible for the provision of their services. Under no circumstances should our Company be construed as endorsing or accepting the content or services of the websites and pages to which it refers or linking to them in any other way.


The newsletters that the visitor / user of the services of the website receives by subscribing to the mailing lists are intellectual property of the network and are therefore protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law and international conventions. The network reserves the right not to register a person in the recipient lists or to delete him/her from them. The Company may maintain a file with the recipients' email addresses for sending other informational or financial messages in addition to the Newsletters unless the recipient so wishes. The use of the customer's e-mail address for matters concerning any of his orders does not constitute newsletters in the sense hereof.

Cookies information

A cookie is a small electronic file, usually made up of letters and numbers, that is sent from a website and stored on the user's device, allowing the device to be identified. Cookies play a very important role in the overall operation of the internet as they help to optimize the user's browsing experience on the Internet. At www.k110.eu we use Cookies to enhance your experience of using our website as well as to retain information that is used for the need of statistical studies and store your favorite products for a certain period of time.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These terms of use, the use of the online store as well as the transactions through it, are governed by Greek Law. In the event that any of these terms would be deemed invalid or void, such invalidity or cancellation will not affect the validity of the other terms. The Courts of the seat of the store are responsible for resolving any dispute that may arise from the use of the online store or regarding the interpretation or application of these terms of use or on their occasion.

Minors & pregnancy

All products of the online store k110.eu are addressed to people over 18 years old. The Company reserves the right to cancel any order immediately without notice, if we believe that the order was placed by someone who has no legal right or is under the age of 18.

The e-cigarette is not recommended for people under the age of eighteen (18), pregnant or breastfeeding women, or people with respiratory problems. It is also not recommended for people with serious health problems without first consulting their doctor.

The Company does not encourage the use of nicotine. If someone is not already a smoker and addicted to nicotine, they should not buy our products.


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