Innokin Trine Power Hub Without Cover

Trine battery charger with dual battery charging slots, which can charge 2 Trine batteries simultaneously.

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Reference 002808

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Each battery charging holders has independent charging indicators. 4 lights corresponding to 4 levels of power level display.

<25%: 1 Light flashes

25%~ 50%: 1Light on

50%~ 75%: 2 Lights on

75%~ 99%: 3 Lights on

100: all lights on

When the Trine Power Hub is working, there's always a light that flashes.


Charging Current: DC5V/1A

Charging port: Type-C

Protection: Hight Temp Protection

Battery Compatible: Trine Series Battery:Model B1000, Model B1050

In the Box

1x Power Hub

1x Dual USB-C Charging Cable

1x Manual

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