List of products by brand VDLV

Since August 2012, VDLV has been concentrating itself on the development of high quality e‐liquids with aromas for vape. After 28 months of research & development, VDLV became a key player in the distribution of e‐liquids in France.

To complete its commercial offer and satisfy clients that are ever more demanding in terms of a powerful taste and aromatic complexity, VDLV commercialised a completely new brand in December 2014: CirKus. Unlike Vincent dans les Vapes, CirKus e-liquids are based on natural and artificial food aromas.

The same high standards are applied in the composition of its e-liquids as in the historic brand. CirKus e-liquids have more complex and more intense flavours but are produced with a constant eye to traceability and optimal safety.