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Mur Premium Flavorshots | Mur aromas and e-liquids made in Europe.

About Mur E-liquids | Vaping Factory


MUR is a company producing e-liquids for e-cigarettes. Vaping factory is a source of ideas in which our company works, sees the evolution and study the process, combines the flavors we want to create, with the strict quality control and the analysis of the ingredients that we use.

The final product has awesome taste and is so clever that brings back to us a new idea.


Each flavorshot series, based and build its flavors and inspirations on precise design and studies. Our goal is to turn our ideas into unique e-liquids – flavorshots with unparalleled quality.

Mur 20ml/60ml Flavorshots | Mur Drink Club 20ml/60ml Flavorshots


“First we are consumers and then producers” is the motto of the company, and for this, they use top quality Swiss raw materials, with absolute clearance and high pharmaceutical quality for the production of our products. In addition, all procedures that follow comply with European protocols and implementation and delivery standards. Finally, before setting out the product on the market, they go through a strict quality control based on specific regulatory criteria.


At Mur e-liquids, we don’t want to create just products, but stories to remain in time forever.