Mod Telescopic-23 Sigelei

Mod Telescopic-23 by Sigelei

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Mod Telescopic-23 by Sigelei

 Produc Description:

Material: Stainless Steel

Thread: 510

Battery: 18350/18650

Dimension: 118(27) x 23 mm


Big Vapor: 

For the telescope, the electrode is pure copper and the spring is 24k gold plated spring.

Stainless stell body:

The telescope is made on the best stainless steel.

Telescopic body:

The telescopic body is made to suit with different types of batteries 18350/18650/18500/18490 or two 18350.

Vent holes on the bottom is designed for heat radiating:

The e-cigarette works with high power and it is very important to release the heat out.

Trough on the wall for better heat radiating.

Native 510 thread sutiable with most atomizers on market, the thread is integrated with the body.

Special designed button:

The button can be locked to prevent from unwanted firing


CAUTION: Use only batteries with PCB protection to prevent overheating and possible explosion of the battery by short circuits of the steamer. The device is only for experienced users.

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